Tuesday, February 7, 2012

You were my crush ……till you left the college (Part 1)

LOVE is just a word until u finds some1...To give it definition

This part is derived from some from others life, some from my friend and rest from all those who hate us.

It is story of crush of my friend; it started in his first semester of MBA days. It was the time when we just interred into our new college and most of the guy were trying to look cool but there was one guy who was not worried about his looks, simply because he has been always told, “Geeks can never be cool”.  As that year our college gave the entire student B.Tech, MBA, MCA a combined fresher party and as it stand out it was the first time he took little bit notice about his crush. He has never seen her in college before, It might be because He was always absent from the college. He hoped, He would see her someday in college. As days passed He had a very little chance to interact with her seniors at that time. Everybody in his class was focused on study as they want to make the first impression good in first internals and all seniors was busy in placement preparations. Just before the exam everybody was sitting in the hostel room with their flat mates and they all were busy in studying, preparing for exam, But from his past experience in commerce He had learned that no matter how much you study in the end you will need to write what you did not studied. He gone to bed early that and on exam day he was the last to woke up in room. Everybody was thinking about paper but he was not sure why everybody was studding so much. His Guru (that’s me actually) Friend told him why all student are so keen to perform in first exam.
  1. Good marks will make sure all the good girl take notice of you in class ( poor guys somebody tell them girls only take notice these types of guys when either exams or some project work are near)
  2. Some of student wanted to show the so called superior student (who where apple of the eye to the teachers and some students as well) so for them also it was like the biggest war on the earth.
  3. Then there were also students who don’t want to get fail in first term exam because it will kill their remaining reputation in college for the whole remaining period of MBA.( They lost their reputation due to bunking, MBA aadaa and most famous the so called panga with foreigner student)
  4.  And in the there are you and me, who always think internals are formality and it is just time pass. So always be chill (and in the end we realize it’s all about the being social, you end up getting good marks without much effort because internal marks can be get with the help of right and left hand side as well)
Now back to exam day everybody was in tension. He always hated the last minute study simply because if that question comes in exam, you would always curse yourself for not studying. He was as usual late in the college for the exam. He entered in the class and everybody was busy in writing something in the copy which they have got for exam. He was looking for his Rollno in the class, His roll no was 54. He saw the guy who sits in front of me and he got his seat. He walked to the seat and made himself comfortable with exam paper and the monster answer sheet. He was filling his details in the answer sheet and suddenly somebody asked from him “Do you have pencil”, He originally thought it was his listening mistake but to his amazement again anyone said that same word “Do you have pencil”.

 He just looked in his right side; she was sitting there asking for pencil. He was chilled for one second, how could be this possible? How she is here? And what the hell she is doing my seat. He got his conscious mind back and replied,  "Sorry ma’am I don’t have pencil” and it was first time he cursed myself for not carrying the pencil in his entire life.
So what you do after that?
Just curse yourself and your friend for not having pencil. Tell me God why you have to be so cruel, the girls of his dream sitting just on the same seat and what she asks for, “pencil”. Oh just I mention which subject exam we were giving. It was STATS, the subject I used to hate most after few other subjects. So after seeing paper and seeing her just beside him, he decides to screw the paper focus on her and this was the only time when he thought paper time should be increased for some extra minute.
TO be continue ....( wait till my second part is finished and meanwhile you can put your question and do comment you like it or not)